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Why do you need to pack furniture in general? And from what troubles do you need to protect it?

- From environmental exposure. It can rain or snow on the solemn day of the move. Dirt can get on the upholstery of an expensive sofa! And the dust on a hot day is not pleasant enough. Some types of furniture are sensitive to direct sunlight and sudden changes in temperature.
- From mechanical damage. Even if the loaders were extremely careful, did not drop anything or damage during transportation, no one is safe from problems. The situation is sometimes unpredictable. The car braked sharply, furniture details came into "close contact." Here they are, annoying scratches and chips! And broken mirrors.
- From vibration. And even if emergency braking is not required, shaking along the way cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is the packaging material that must “feel” every bump and take strikes on itself.

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